About Captura

We’ve been around, but there’s a lot we still want to do


Captura Marketing is a Melbourne-based company headed up by Mike Billing and Laura McGeoch. The duo has notched-up solid experience across a big chunk of the marketing and communications spectrum both in Australia and overseas.

You can read more about their skills and experience below, but there are a few things you should know about what to expect when working with them and other professionals enlisted by Captura Marketing.

Honesty. The marketing world is full of jargon, but we won’t use it to confuse you or sell you something you don’t need or can’t use.

Service. We know you’ve worked hard to run or grow your business and we respect that. We’ll give you the attention and effort you and your business deserve.

Value. We’re more boutique than big, and we like that. You’ll get seasoned professionals working on your project every step of the way, but without the industry-standard price tag.

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Mike Billing
Director, Operations & Client Management

Mike has built a career from helping organisations to get the biggest bang from their buck across their key revenue streams. Perhaps that’s why CMO Magazine ranked him #13 in Australia’s Top 50 marketers for 2015.

With strong experience in membership-based and customer-focused organisations, Mike loves bringing people together to find new ways to make change happen.

Mike has worked across marketing, operations, project management and venue roles within a range of industries. He’s been around sports and entertainment, tourism, local government, insurance and even tertiary education.

He’s scope of expertise includes carrying out strategic reviews for local government business tourism and marketing departments, and also analysing the operations and management model for council assets and events.

Whether you need a commercial or strategic marketing review, or to develop a business case for your digital investment plans ready to present to the c-suite, Mike can help.

He’s worked with some big brands and also smaller organisations. He knows what makes a good fit for both.


Laura McGeoch
Director, Marketing Communications

Laura has worked as a journalist, writer, editor and marketing communications specialist for more than 15 years. She knows what questions to ask to draw out a business’s marketing and communications needs, and develops strategies, plans and great content to meet them.

Whether helping employees through company change, crafting engaging website content, or finding the perfect pitch for a social media post, Laura loves writing simple, effective and engaging copy. She likes words and making them work.

Experience on both sides of the media has given her a strong awareness for what messages and strategies work well for companies, and what might trip them up. She’s also worked for organisations that have come under intense media and public scrutiny.

Having worked with private, government and not-for-profit sectors across the sport, health, transport, security and finance industries, Laura has a realm of experience to tap-into and glean new ideas from.

Every now and then, Laura hears of someone or something interesting and returns to her journalist roots and writes articles for major magazines and newspapers. Read some of her articles.